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Deal 5: North bids 3♣ and makes 4 scoring 60 contract points below the line and 20 overtrick points above the line. Deal 6: East bids and makes 6. - a small slam holding all five top honors. This scores a game of contract points and earns a slam bonus of points above the line (East-West being vulnerable). At duplicate bridge (where every table plays the same deals), every deal is scored separately and no part scores are carried forward. Remember that your final. A side making a game contract gets a bonus of or , depending on whether it is nonvulnerable or vulnerable (as in four-deal bridge). Since part-scores do not carry over from one deal to the next, a side making a part-score contract receives a bonus of 50 points.

A game contract is the number of tricks required to score points. Your aim is to bid and make a game. This scores a bonus of points (or if vulnerable). If you bid a contract that scores less than points, this is called a Part Score. The most popular method of scoring for a single table of bridge is called “Chicago ” or four-deal bridge. A round consists of four deals, one by each player in turn. Scoring Table. Result, Doubled, Redoubled. Score, NV, Vul, NV, Vul. 1 C / D . This table, prepared by Richard Pavlicek, is valid for all forms of duplicate bridge.

Contract Independence. As long as you make your contract, your score depends only on the number of tricks you made, and not on the contract you bid. The bidding and play of Contract Bridge were covered on the first two pages. Now you will learn the rules of keeping score, which can take some getting used to. Mastering all the nuances of Bridge Scoring can take some time. This web page does all the hard work for you. Enjoy! Use the buttons above to build-up the next .


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