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The Ipe distribution already includes a few Ipelets (such as Insert image and Align) that are essential for using Ipe. Here are other Ipelets that you may wish to . Otfried Cheong Tangentlines moved to Andrews own repository, added remarks to readme . Tangentlines moved to Andrews own repository, added remarks to readme. This repository is meant for ipelets (plugins for the Ipe drawing editor) that are not part of the Ipe distribution. Note: The ability to move graph vertices has been built into Ipe 6. It also works for vertices that are text objects or groups. This ipelet helps.

The class Ipelet_base derives from the class Ipelets from Ipe and has one template parameter indicating which kernel must be used within the ipelet. In practice. An ipelet is an extension to Ipe. Ipe 7 uses the scripting language Lua (in fact, most of the Ipe program itself is written in Lua), and loads ipelets written in Lua. Ipe extensions are called Ipelets. They are most easily written in the Ipelets written in Lua explains how to write ipelets in Lua. Often, however, you will already.

As in Ipe 6, it is possible to write ipelets entirely in C++. Different from Ipe 6, however, the labels of the ipelet and its functions must now be specified in a short . Ipelets written in Lua have access to the entire Ipe user interface, and can in principle do anything that Ipe can do. An ipelet is a Lua script that is placed in Ipe's. CGAL now contains the CGAL ipelets as demos. This separate distribution is therefore obsolete. We keep it available for a while for users of CGAL versions.


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